Tuesday, 19 February 2019

My Mihimihi



I am learning to: introduce myself and others, and respond to introductions using my personal information 

Tēnā koutou katoa, (greetings to you all)

Nō Aotearoa ahau (where you are from / Aotearoa*)

Ko Owairaka tōku maunga (Mountain)

Ko Manukau Harbour tōku moana (ocean)

Kei Tamaki Makaurau tōku kāinga ināianei (I now live)

Ko Te Hepara Pai ōku kura (school / Good Shepherd School*)

Ko Fa’apopo tōku whānau (family name)

Ko Fa’apopo Fa’apopo tōku pāpā (father)

No Samoa ia (Father is from, share diverse backgrounds)

Ko Faith Sagato tōku māmā (mother, ask if maiden or family name)

No Samoa ia (Mother is from, share diverse backgrounds)

Ko Matila Fa’apopo tōku ingoa (your name)

Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa.

(Therefore, greetings to you, greetings to you, greeting to us all).

Good Shepherd Charism

Year 5 and 6: Charism

Did you know the reason Good Shepherd School named their syndicates Connolly and Sheridan? Connolly and Sheridan were the names of the first two sisters that worked at Good Shepherd School when it opened. That is just one of the fun facts we learnt this week when we explored the charism of our school. The charism of our school is the flavour of our school, it is what makes us Good Shepherd School. Over the week we looked at the history of the school and unpacked the visual Image of the Good Shepherd Cross with the values, scripture, feast days and the St Mary MacKillop sayings. We unpacked the values and why we have those values. In groups we identified what each value looked, sounded and felt like before making up definitions. Another new fact I learnt was that Connolly and Sheridan were the names of the first two sisters that worked at Good Shepherd School when it opened.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Room 6 Piece Of The Puzzle

In Room 6 we are all a piece of the puzzle. There are 29 students and we each complete our puzzle. Without one of us we would not be Room 6. During the second week of school (once the year 6 were back from camp) we spent time learning about each other and completing our piece of the puzzle. We learnt that we are all different and unique made in the image of God. But we also learnt that sometimes people need a little helping hand to make learning fair. Check out our pieces of the puzzle in Room 6 Foyer to learn more about each of us.

“It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.”

Year Six Leadership And Role

This year I am proud to take on the role of Special character . I look forward to this role because I love being prepared for prayers and I love organising things for the school like whole school prayers or Christmas prayers or even whole school mass overall I think I will be the best Special Character for Good Shepherd School. 

Year Six Camp - Leadership

While the rest of the school was sleeping, enjoying their last day of the school holidays the year six were awake grabbing the last of their essential camp items. Stuffing the cars full of luggage we hit the road making our way up to MERC, Long Bay Beach for the annual Year 6 Leadership Camp. It was a fun, busy and hot week with lots of activities and things to do. There was so much to do with out amazing instructors and helpers, activities like paddle boarding, archery, abseiling, kayaking, rock climbing, giants ladder, stack’em and the list goes on. After the camp day we had plenty to do at night with the camp mass, school council voting, the talent quest and even a spooky game of spot light.

My two favourite activities were: Raft building and rock climbing

Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Booklet

In Room 6 we are doing a Christmas booklet full of math activities and crosswords. My favourite so far in the Christmas booklet would be the Christmas basket if you would love to make a Christmas basket why not try make it all you nee to do is....

Color the basket and handle

Cut it out

Fold on the dotted lines

Glue sides together

Staple on the handle

Fill with Christmas treats!!!

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